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Basque Burnt


Basque Burnt Cheesecake

6" WHOLE CAKE (+/- 800-820g)



Other Flavours:

Original - $41

Classic Duo (Original & Dark Belgian Choc) - $46

Mocha Duo (Coffee & Dark Belgian Choc) - $46

 Our 4th flavour and latest addition to our Basque Cheesecake series! We are very particular when it comes to the use of matcha in our bakes which is why we generally don't make a wide selection of them in our menu except a few which we personally loves. Matcha cheesecakes may be common nowadays, but in our version we seek for that very ratio which is able to harmonise the nice matcha umami and cheese to give a round smoothness of flavour, no overpowering bitterness here.

The main concept of our duo layer Basque cheesecake when we first introduced them back in early 2020 is to freely enjoy the best out of the 2 flavours or by mixing different layer proportion according to your preferences, stronger matcha or cheese, your choice :)

If you have been a long time fan of our Basque series and a matcha lover, please do give this a try! :)


Ingredients contain eggs, dairy & gluten. Made in facilities that processed nuts, avoid if you have any severe food allergy)

Best consumed within 2-3 days if properly stored.

Refrigeration required once delivered. Keep cake refrigerated for at least 2 hours before serving.

Detailed storage guide will be provided in every box.

📌 Delivery Fee: $5 flat rate (no size/qty limit) 

ONLY delivering to Brunei Muara area.

🚫 Unable to deliver to Tutong, KB & Temburong until further notice.

Self-pickup unavailable, all orders will be delivered contactlessly.

Proceed with order only IF you agreed with the delivery terms & charge(s), read FAQS for more info.



Available Dates:

(last updated on 23/06/2024)

WA us directly to inquire for available dates.

How to Order:

(Click ORDER FORM button, copy paste and fill up the details and send to our Whatsapp to place your order)

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