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Mid Autumn 

Mooncake Giftboxes




Mid-Autumn Series


In celebration for our 5th Mooncake Collection, we are excited to introduce our latest mooncake product for mid autumn this year. We always wanted our Mooncakes to not just be aesthetically presentable, while also focusing on its quality and taste. LOUIE’s CANTONESE BAKED MOONCAKES feature 4 new gourmet flavours, delicately hand-crafted with carefully selected premium ingredients with less sweet filling.

Like everything else in our product menu, there is always a certain bar of standard we are looking for in every aspect - from the golden shine and texture on these delectable treats to the choice of ingredients for flavours pairing and seeking the best presentable packaging boxes, all these took months of R&Ds before we finally gave out that YES for it to be a part of this year Mid Autumn Collection.



Mooncakes Selection

Three delectable choices

 - [NEW] Cantonese Baked

- Rainbow Pastry (Coming Soon)

- Snowskin Mooncakes (Coming Soon)


Due to the current pandemic situation. uncertainties may be inevitable at times. We will be releasing our gourmet mooncake boxes in smaller batches over the span of different weeks. Boxes are limited due to the tedious and time consuming mooncake production on top of lack of man-power (currently still on semi-maternity leave, daily kitchen time is hence limited) and scarcity on good ingredients which are incredibly hard to sought after.

Do to follow our IG & FB to receive instant update on release dates! (TIPS: Turn on the post-notification bell in our IG

Note: There will be no self-collection services available until further notice, all orders will be sent out by our assigned delivery company, please be sure to read on all the Order & Delivery Terms before proceeding with your order (find link in drop down menu above).

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“Do it well, or don't do it at all.” 

This has always been our business motto since day one on every single piece of product we sent out while emphasizing not just on product presentation but the quality and experience as a whole.

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