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Mid Autumn 

Mooncake Giftboxes




Mid-Autumn Series



(9pcs / box)


LOUIE’s Snowskin Mooncake has been our first and longest selling mooncake since 2017 featuring soft mochi like skin in its signature 
beautiful pastel tones, delicately handmade with 100% pure premium ingredients and less sweet fillings. Took us about 3 years of revision to produce our snowskin recipe and it has been the way it is ever since :)
(Freshly handmade, NO added Preservatives, shortening or premix mooncake powder used, only quality ingredients we stand for)

Mooncake flavours (9pcs/box):

Each box contains 2 FIXED Fillings of:

- Red Bean x3

- Pandan Lotus x3


Your choice of EITHER:

- White Lotus x3


- Durian Lotus x3

(Note: Red bean (3pcs) & Pandan lotus (3pcs) are fixed in each box, choose ONE MORE FLAVOUR between Durian Lotus (3pcs) OR White Lotus (3pcs) and state n your order form)

Size: +/- 50g Mini Snowskin Mooncake

Yellow Box Size: 19.5 x 19.5 x 5cm

Allergens: Contains glutinous, wheat ingredients, lotus, beans, dairy milk, etc - made in facilities that are not nuts free. Avoid consumption if have any serious food allergy.

All ingredients are halal labelled, produced in a separated pastry kitchen equipped with proper storage and machines (more than half of our household are muslims, it's only natural that we only use halal ingredients).

Best consumed within 2 days if properly stored.

Refrigeration required right after delivered. Similar to all glutinous desserts, snowskin will dries up and hardens from day 3 onwards, kindly plan the right delivery date and order only the right quantity you can consume within the stated time frame!

Detailed storage guide will be provided in every box.

(Mooncake floral designs might change slightly with no prior notice)


📌 Delivery Fee: $6

(charge by Runners, we don't earn any of this)
ONLY delivering to Brunei Muara area.

🚫 Unable to deliver to Tutong, KB & Temburong until further notice.



Available Dates:


(consume within 2 days. no shortening or food softener additives, snowskin will start drying up 3rd day onwards. Plan your delivery date well and only order the quantity you can finish while it's still fresh and soft, DO NOT keep until mid autumn!)


Disclaimer: Boxes will be allocated first confirmed first serve. Make sure to provide complete order form details. Your order will only be confirmed once you have received an order confirmation text along with payment details from us. Due to overwhelming amount of incoming text, there might be hours of lag-time in between our reply, we thank you for your kind understanding in advance.


(copy paste, fill up & send to our Whatsapp)

​First & Last Name:

Box Type: Choose ONE - White Lotus or Durian Lotus

(Note: Red bean (3pcs) & Pandan lotus (3pcs) are fixed in each box, choose ONE MORE FLAVOUR between Durian Lotus (3pcs) OR White Lotus (3pcs) and state n your order form)

Quantity: (1 box limit per customer)

Delivery Date: (ok with any dates available OR state 3 options)


Delivery Contact Number:

Full Delivery Address:

District Zone: (only Brunei Muara District)

Online Payment: (BIBD or Baiduri)

Tips: Choosing any available delivery dates can speed up the ordering process, otherwise please state at least 3 options.


Please READ on our Order & Delivery terms (link in drop down menu on top), proceed with order only if you agree with all the terms listed. Make sure address & contact number is correct and complete, and be sure there will be someone to receive your order. No change of delivery details once confirmed.

In light with the current pandemic situation, there will be no self-pickup options until further notice. All orders will be delivered by our assigned logistic company, all packages will be sent out through the least amount of direct / face to face human contact possible. Delivery fee as per charged by runners will be collected and pre-arrange by us in advance (ps: we do not earn any of the delivery fee).

We will have a pre-assigned pickup spot where we will leave our packages for the runners to pickup and your order will be delivered and place at a safe spot agreed by you in prior (runners will be in touch in advance). Throughout the process, any face to face interactions will be avoided whenever possible.

There may be also possibilities that your order may  be rescheduled in cases when new law has been enforced to stop business production or delivery service.

Be sure to read and agree on the order and delivery terms before proceeding with your order.

Thank you, stay home, stay safe & enjoy our mooncakes!


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