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Terms & Conditions

Before sending us and confirming your order, please be sure to have a thorough read on the following terms before proceeding.


In cases where unfortunate circumstance has occured in light of any pandemic situation where business production has to be halted (hopefully this will never happened), whereas if rescheduling is not possible from our side, a full refund will be given. Kindly proceed with your order ONLY if you agreed with this term. Once order is paid and confirmed, NO order cancellations/amendments/refund will be allowed unless on the mentioned condition as stated above.


Boxes are limited, all orders will be processed based on first confirmed first serve. There is normally an overwhelming amount of incoming text whenever we launch our festive collection, your kind understanding will be appreciated for an inevitable delay with our text reply. All orders will only be confirmed IF you received an order confirmation text from us with our corporate bank transfer details. Please refrain from sending us any payment before receiving any order confirmation from us. Do make sure to complete the order form to ensure a smoother ordering process.


All of our bakes are hand-made with love, hence not one is the same. While we do scale every single one of the ingredients, do allow +/-5 grams of product variance due to human error. 

Product pictures were all taken in-house and are for illustration purposes only. Do allow certain degree of colour differences on products shown due to different lighting, monitor display or screen resolutions.

We take our production hygiene seriously, all products are freshly handbaked in our separated and individual pastry kitchen equipped with commercial size machines strictly for baking purposes only. We will also take the initiative to frequently sanitize our work station and body temperature scannings before and during kitchen hours to ensure we're fit to work. We have always set a high standard when it comes to ingredient choices and quality and only use Halal ingredients in all our products. Majority of our household members are Muslims, it's only natural that we don't use any non-halal ingredients. Our production facility is not nuts-free, avoid consuming our products if you have any serious food allergy.

Shelf Life

Best consumed date as per listed in each product description, make sure you are aware of this (stamped on product card and label on box as well). Our cakes are freshly baked with no added preservatives, shelf life will definitely be alot shorter than factory made products. Please plan your order date well especially if it's meant as a gift.


All of our cakes require specific storage conditions to ensure freshness of products, detailed guide will be provided in each box. We will not be held responsible for any product damage due to improper storage condition once delivered.


Full payment in prior will be required to confirm your order within the stated time after receiving an order confirmation text from us along with our Corporate Bank details. Kindly take note that there will be no cancellation of order once confirmed. Unpaid orders or last minute cancellation will be blacklisted from all future purchases.


We stopped doing self-collection or meetups since 2020. Effective Dec 2022, all deliveries will now be fully handled by our in house delivery team. Flat rate of $5 for delivery charges (with no size / quantity limit) across Brunei Muara, proceed to order only if you agreed with the delivery terms and charges.

- Packages will be left at doorstep or anywhere deemed safe by us (will be in touch in advance). It will be your responsibility to ensure that delivered package will be collected in a timely manner as prolonged heat exposure will spoil our cakes quicker and affecting its texture.

At times when our inhouse delivery service is unavailable and when 3rd party delivery services will be used, a flat rate delivery charge will be collected on behalf and pre-arrange your delivery, however ANY additional charges incurred due to changes in any of the delivery services thereafter will be bound and pay to the logistic company by the customer and to be arranged with them directly, but do inform us in prior for any changes.

Please make sure your delivery contact number address is complete and correct. No change of date and delivery area once paid and confirmed. You will be contacted either by our delivery team during the delivery date

Customer will be charged for a new delivery fee ($5) for any failure-delivery attempt. Please make sure someone is there to collect your order at the requested delivery time and date


There may be additional charges for special delivery request (i.e: area required parking fee or specific delivery time, subjected to availability).

Louie Patisserie is not affliated with any 3rd party delivery service company, while we always ensure utmost care in making and packing our products, any damage caused due to improper storage or negligence once order has been delivered will not be held responsible by us.

Proceed with your order only if you agreed with all our stated T&Cs.

Thank you so much, stay safe !


1. Why no self-collection?

We have a lot of customers daily especially during festive season, if everyone decided to pop by there will be too many people and this itself will greatly disrupt our production flow and efficiency. We're a small team of 2 or most of the time, just ONE person trying her best to do absolutely everything, including the text messages you receive past midnights, the intricate packings on all our product gift boxes, the very detailed storage guide, all the photoshoot pictures you have seen in our IG feed and most importantly ALL the main baking tasks and R&Ds (and an additional job scope of being a full time mommy since 2020). People always thought Louie is run by a huge team behind all those big productions, but the crucial key for such limited manpower is really just being really efficient with daily work management - with minimal interference on our baking process. People who bakes would understand baking is never a straight forward process, definitely not ours as many process can't be paused once started. Long time customers or people who knows us well enough would have known how particular we are when it comes to our bakes and product presentation.

For many years since 2017, we took turn to take our time meeting up with customers twice a day, but thing that is not known was the long hours that were wasted waiting every time. And yet, punctuality is still always an issue after so many years, after a long day at work, the last thing we want is still having customer calling past 10pm who insisted to self collect. Pandemic or not, the punctuality issues never resolved. This is why we stopped self-collection/meetups.

Additionally, especially during busy festive season with big daily production, chiller storage is limited as every baked products have to be cleared out early in the morning before filling up with more daily-made products.

2. Why deliver by ourself?
Because we care about how our product will reach to you - for the peace of yours and our mind without worrying on the issues we encountered before from engaging 3rd party services.  We know the best way to handle our cake products and gift boxes, which are mostly temperature sensitive and delicate requiring much care while handling. Any delivery issue can also be swiftly handled when manage by our own team.

3. Why are there $5 delivery charges?
Our gas and cars are unfortunately not sponsored and delivering takes time to do from one point to another. Near or far, it always takes over 30 mins or more back and forth including the traffic to cover one address. All logistic provider has their own pricing policies based on different value-added service. Similarly to any runners out there, our delivery staff is spending time to deliver your orders (delivery is not a fulltime job). The flat rate $5 we charge for all bsb addresses (as far as Muara/Serasa) with no quantity limit or sizes per address, even when it requires 2 trips to deliver big orders.

For those asking why we no longer outsource our delivery services or even finding cheaper options - Do take note that most logistic providers we know of have size/quantity limit with additional charges, we charge a flatrate for all addresses in BSB regardless of the quantity / size. There was also an unfortunate incident with a logistic company we used to engage with where deliveries for our entire festive collection was cancelled with less than 24 hours notice causing much troubles to find new delivery replacements and even topped up all extra delivery charges by our own pocket. Since then, we're very particular to whom we engage with as we do not wish to encounter anymore of these issues. 😊

4. Can I do meet-point or send my own runner to collect from you?:
Refer to point 1 above.

Your kind understanding will be greatly appreciate for a business run by a small-team like us. Kindly proceed to send your order ONLY IF  you agree with our delivering terms & fee. Thank you!


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